Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium Jacksonville Fl Setup and Maintenance

From your initial concept to the finished product, we’re here to help guide you along.  With our vast experience we can bring your dream of a tranquil Saltwater Aquarium Jacksonville Fl in your home or office to life. Explore the undersea world of a Tropical reef with your very own reef tank. Let Ocean Floor Aquariums design, build, install, and maintain your new saltwater aquarium.

Saltwater Aquarium Jacksonville Fl  Maintenance and Setup

From delicate corals to aggressive sharks. We can bring the Saltwater Aquarium experience to you. Enhance any room in your home with the colorful addition of a new custom designed tank. Amaze your friend and clients with a stunning marine life aquarium in your office.

A selection of some of the fish we recommend for your Salt Water Aquarium:

Yellow Tang

A Yellow Tang in a Saltwater Aquarium Jacksonville Fl

With it’s striking color and hardy reputation, the Yellow Tang is a popular fish for the beginning and advance aquarium lover. It can be rather aggressive with other tangs so they are best kept alone or in large schools.

Clown Fish

saltwater aquarium jacksonville fl with a clownfish

Perhaps one of the most  recognized members of any saltwater aquarium The Clownfish is popular with reef keepers and know for the symbiotic relationship with the anemone.



Huma Huma Trigger

Huma Huma Trigger fish in saltwater aquarium jacksonville fl marine aquarium setup

An exotic looking aggressive fish that can have a unique personality. They are found in many saltwater aquariums and provide a stunning visual impact to any marine setup.




Blue Tang

Blue tang in a saltwater aquarium jacksonville fl fish tank

The Blue or Regal Tang is another popular aquarium fish that provides a spark of color to any marine aquarium. Kids love them due to the reference in the popular Disney movie.




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