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Saltwater Aquarium Top 10 Reasons

Why you need a Saltwater Aquarium

Can you think of more reasons why you need a saltwater aquarium? These are just a few of the reasons you need a new saltwater aquarium in your home or office. Of course we’re having some fun here, but the research shows that aquariums can calm you and kids down. Put clients at ease in your office. Add value to your home and if nothing else are just  really cool.

  1. You’re friends will be jealous

  2. Fish are cool

  3. Why waste money on food and rent

  4. Chicks dig colorful fish

  5. Watching them helps you relax

  6. Impress your clients at your place of business

  7. Fill that void in your living room

  8. Cover the burn mark on the floor (See 7 above)

  9. Great test of your floors structural strength

  10. Dave Lettermans got nothing on you

Saltwater aquarium fish

Aquarium Links

Aquarium Links

A collection of Aquarium Links to assist you in your research on various aquatic topics. We will be building up this list as time goes on. Please feel free to send us any links you find in your travels through the internet.Various aquarium links about Saltwater Aquarium cleaning in Jacksonville Florida





Bio Reef Store Jacksonville FL  Our favorite store in Jacksonville, FL for Saltwater and Reef fish

Aquatic Community - Cichlids, Catfish, Crayfish, predatory fish, Aquarium info online

Marine Aquarium societies of North America link


Some blogs and sites we follow:

ReefBuilders – An great site with tons of info mainly targeted to Reef tanks

Tropical Fish Magazine – Blogs and articles covering every aspect of fish keeping

Aquarists Online – Saltwater fish and reef animal care, selection, and housekeeping

Live Rock N Reef – Florida Live Rock, Aquarium Rock, Saltwater Aquariums


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Aquarium Service and Aquarium Maintenance in Jacksonville FL

For all your Aquarium Service and Aquarium Maintenance in Jacksonville FL. Call us today to find out how we can help you maintain the perfect aquarium.

Aquarium Service and Aquarium Maintenance in Jacksonville FL.

Ocean Floor Aquariums provides Aquarium Service and Aquarium Maintenance in the Jacksonville Florida area. We know that maintaining a well balanced aquarium can be a daunting task. There are many parameters that must be constantly be monitored and adjusted to keep your marine friends healthy and happy.

Saltwater aquarium maintenance is our specialty and passion. Our years of experience allows us to give the finest in quality care to our clients aquatic master pieces. From measuring and monitoring salinity, PH, nitrite levels and the other critical areas that lead to amazing aquariums.

Saltwater aquariums can be especially difficult to setup and maintain for the novice. Ocean Floor Aquariums brings the needed experience to each project. We help by sitting down with you to discuss your goals, needs, budget, and overall vision of how your new marine aquarium will work with your current environment.  We can recommend the right size and shape of tank, filtration, internal structure, decorations, and marine life that will complement your home or office.

Aquarium Service and Aquarium Maintenance in Jacksonville

Don’t forget to review our Gallery of custom installations that we monitor and maintain to help you find the perfect setup.

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