Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater Aquarium Service and Maintenance

If Freshwater aquariums are your passion, we cover those too.  From beautifully planted aquascapes to Cichlids and more. Ocean Floor Aquariums is your resource for  Aquarium setup and service.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Cleaning

Imagine an underwater world that replicates a South American river habitat. The native fish, the plants and other life that make up our natural environment can be recreated in your home or office to admire and learn from.


A selection of some of the Fresh Water fish we offer and deliver:


Freshwater Aquarium with Cichlids

Cichlids from both Africa and South America are extremely popular for your fresh water aquarium.



 Plecos (Catfish)

A catfish used in Freshwater Aquarium for cleaning

Plecos or Catfish come in many varieties and provide a much needed resource for any freshwater aquarium by cleaning both the gravel substrate and the side walls of the glass or acrylic.


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